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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What I did in UOI (Or just in my UOI notebook)

UOI stands for Unit Of Inquiry. In this blog post I will be telling you about everything I wrote in my UOI notebook.

At the start of the year, everyone in my class was asked to draw the map of the world from memory, or just your own version. My version was messed up: Russia about as big as Asia which is wrong, Iceland is missing, Canada is smaller that the US, Hawaii is meant to be smaller, Indonesia is right next to Africa, the UK is as big as Africa, New Zealand is too big and looks like an egg plant, Greenland is too small, and I spelt Papua New Guinea wrong, I spelt it Papa New Guini. Then I wrote about the push and pulls of countries and why it was good or bad to migrate or immigrate to or from those countries. Then we learnt about refugees and what they had to go through.

At the start of this unit, grade 5 rotated around the different classes. In two of the classes, we were to make a green energy, healthy for the environment, thing. My group made a Dynamo Torch. A Dynamo Torch is a torch, but you need to keep pressing or pulling a button or rope for it to work. When you push or pull the button/rope, it creates friction, and if you get enough, it can make electricity which makes the torch work.

These are the only units I had in my notebook.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Ma Famille

Dans ma famille

Il y a

Un pere 
Il s'appelle Craig
Il a 48 ans

Il y a

Une mere
Elle s'appelle Katherine
Elle a 44 ans

Il y a

Un frere
Il s'appelle Harry
Il a 9 ans

et il y a

Une sœur
Elle s'appelle Sophie
Elle a 7 ans

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

L'exposition PYP

Hi again! So, on Tuesday the 24th and Thursday the 26th is PYPX (Primary Years Program Exhibition). PYPX is where you choose a passion and an issue and then you create an action.
Passion + Issue = Action. My passion was writing, so that went under SDG 4 (Quality Education). My issue was lack of education and my action was writing a book, so I wrote a book with my group and it's called 'Exhibition'. Back to french class. Ok. In french class I made a poster about SDG 4 and it looks like this:

Thank you, thank you! My amazing art skills are truly amazing! What it says up the top is Education de qualité. Which means, Quality Education. This message this poster is giving is Elles aiment l'education de qualité pour tout le monde, which means, Girls, and boys, around the world should all have quality education.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

This post is supposed to be posted last week



Every week we have 9 periods of PYPX (Primary Years Programme Exhibition). In my group we have 3 people including me: Me, Haruka and Emiri. Haruka and Emiri are both from Japan and are both new this year. The SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) 4, Quality Education. We are currently researching on Education in different countries. Emiri is researching about education in Japan, Haruka is researching about education in Vietnam and I am researching about education in Australia.

WARNING! This post is unfinished

Thursday, March 15, 2018


2 weeks ago we found out who was in our PYPX (Exhibition) groups. I am doing SDG 4, Quality Education.In my group are two girls, Emiri and Haruka. My passion is writing stories. On Tuesday we met with our mentor, Miss Kristin. We talked about what kind of people in this world don't have access to education. My central idea is 'Education can change how people think and live.' My lines of inquiry are: 1. Inequality of education between countries , 2. Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, 3. Governments granting access to education 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ma présentation

Ma Présentation

Aujourd'hui c'est lundi vingt-huit fevrier deux-mille dix-huit. C'est la classe de francais de Ms Laurie, non la classe d'anglais de Ms Laurie. Je m'appelle Amelia Evangeline Chittick. Je suis une fille et je suis un peu fatiguée. Je suis australienne et un peu russe et je parle anglais, un peu vietnamien et un peu francais. Je suis dans la classe cinq D de Miss Ronke. J'ai onze ans et j'ai une chatte, Mia. Mia est noire et blanche. Dans ma famille, il y a cinq personnes, Craig, Katherine, Harrison, Sophia et moi. Je préfère le nombre onze, et je préfère le mardi. Je préfère le chat, en particulier ma chatte, Mia. Je préfère le rose et mon anniversaire est le vingt-sept decembre.

130 mots

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Australia's Politics

~Australia's Politics~

Prime Minster: Malcolm Turnbull

Australia is a constitutional monarchy which is basically a monarchy which has a constitution. It is also a democracy because the citizens have to vote for their leader. The politics of Australia otherwise known as the Commonwealth Parliament.