Thursday, March 15, 2018


2 weeks ago we found out who was in our PYPX (Exhibition) groups. I am doing SDG 4, Quality Education.In my group are two girls, Emiri and Haruka. My passion is writing stories. On Tuesday we met with our mentor, Miss Kristin. We talked about what kind of people in this world don't have access to education. My central idea is 'Education can change how people think and live.' My lines of inquiry are: 1. Inequality of education between countries , 2. Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, 3. Governments granting access to education 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ma présentation

Ma Présentation

Aujourd'hui c'est lundi vingt-huit fevrier deux-mille dix-huit. C'est la classe de francais de Ms Laurie, non la classe d'anglais de Ms Laurie. Je m'appelle Amelia Evangeline Chittick. Je suis une fille et je suis un peu fatiguée. Je suis australienne et un peu russe et je parle anglais, un peu vietnamien et un peu francais. Je suis dans la classe cinq D de Miss Ronke. J'ai onze ans et j'ai une chatte, Mia. Mia est noire et blanche. Dans ma famille, il y a cinq personnes, Craig, Katherine, Harrison, Sophia et moi. Je préfère le nombre onze, et je préfère le mardi. Je préfère le chat, en particulier ma chatte, Mia. Je préfère le rose et mon anniversaire est le vingt-sept decembre.

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Australia's Politics

~Australia's Politics~

Prime Minster: Malcolm Turnbull

Australia is a constitutional monarchy which is basically a monarchy which has a constitution. It is also a democracy because the citizens have to vote for their leader. The politics of Australia otherwise known as the Commonwealth Parliament.  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

French Unit 3

In this unit,

I liked to learn the names of the animals and learn how to describe how an animal looks

I can get better at pronouncing things better

I am good at saying how old I am and asking other people how old they are


un chat
un chien
un mouton
un poisson
une tortue
une poule


J'ai onze ans
Quel âge as-tu?
Tu es quel âge?


J'ai onze ans
Je suis une fille
Je m'appelle Amelia

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Book review

The Daring Escape of Beatrice 

and Peabody

I read this book the day I was returning it to the library, and it was really cool. I got up to the third chapter and then had to leave to go to school. 

The blurb:

Everyday Beatrice endures taunts for the birthmark on her cheek.
 There is nowhere to hide - because Bee is an orphan, who works at
a travelling carnival. Then one day a scruffy dog shows up and Bee 
realises she must find a proper home for them both.

I borrowed the book again and am going to start reading again. I recommend this book to people aged 9-16

Image result for The Daring Escape of Beatrice   and Peabody

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

My Weird Identity Peom

Very, very bad poetic skills ahead

I am from Australia
the capital to be exact
and that is most certainly,
definitely a fact

My hair is definitely brown
My favourite colour is pink
I do not like the beach
but when I have to go, I put on some zinc

We like eating sausages
sometimes even in rolls
You can serve them on a plate
And if you want, a bowl

I lived in the capital of Australia
it was called Canberra to be precise
I have only lived there except when I
went to leave once or twice

We don't have a special clothing
or anything  specific
But Aboriginals do
And it would be rude to call it horrific

Data Handling

Recently we had a unit in maths about Data Handling. We had to create a question that we want to know such as "Where Do You Like To Go For Recess?". We then had to create a survey about that question. My group's question was "What SDG Is Most Important To You?". We had listed all the SDG's and a question why you thought that that SDG was most important to you. The most said SDG was Gender Equality because people thought that girls should be equal to boys and women should be able to have a say.

First, we created a question that we wanted to find out, and if some of us had similar questions we would be put in groups based on out questions. Then we would create the survey and then send it out to everyone and wait for responses. Then, when responses had finished coming in then would have to make a graph as shown above. After we had made the graph then we would observe and collect and write down what we've seen and what got the most responses and what got the least responses.

I liked this unit because it was kinda exciting when ever a new response came through and see what they picked and why. I think that people could be more specific when saying why they thought that the SDG was important to them because some people were being kinda silly and saying that they love animals or they just think that and thought people were going to give a more mature answer. I liked this unit because I love surveys and graphs and I like seeing the answers and responses that people think.

So over all I really liked this unit and doing the survey and I never thought that I would write a whole page on data and graphs, but I just thought that we would get a more mature answer in our responses.